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Support for latest AMD GPU?

From: Parker
Subject: Support for latest AMD GPU?
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 22:42:35 -0700
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I understand this is a "free as in speech" distro so there's no proprietary 
blobs on here. I also have the latest AMD Vega 56 GPU. On Debian, I had to 
install proprietary blobs to get it to work, but it's also my understanding 
that AMD has free software drivers. But then again, they could be throwing the 
“open source” label on the drivers and just release some of the source but 
require blobs to compile.

After all of that, I ask if Guix has good support for modern GPUs like mine? 
Are there free drivers for my graphics card on here? Or will I have to compile 
my own from the proprietary blobs?  I'd prefer not to, but I'll do it if I 

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