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Re: Compiling a linux kernel from git

From: Christopher Lemmer Webber
Subject: Re: Compiling a linux kernel from git
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 2019 03:00:21 -0400
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Mark H Weaver writes:

> Hi Chris,
> I wrote earlier:
>> My first guess is that '/gnu/store/…-linux-next-…-checkout/include'
>> should not be in the C include path while compiling that file, but that
>> it's getting added.  The difference might be due to the fact that the
>> 'source' in this case is a directory instead of a tarball.
> I see now what's happening more precisely.  Our gcc-7 package inherits
> from gcc-6 'native-search-paths' for the CPATH variable.  Because of
> this, the 'set-paths' phase in 'gnu-build-system' sets the CPATH to
> include <NATIVE_INPUT>/include for all native inputs that are
> directories with an 'include' subdirectory.
> The 'source' is itself a native input.  When it's a tarball, it will not
> be included, but when it's a source checkout, it _is_ included, although
> it shouldn't be.

Oh, that's quite curious.

>> For now, I would try packing the git checkout as a tarball, and then
>> using that tarball as your 'source'.
> I'm now fairly confident that this workaround would work.  Another
> workaround would be to add another phase that removes the CPATH
> component corresponding to 'source', as Tobias does.
>       Mark

Thanks!  I got things working by going the tarball route, though
slightly more indirectly than the approach you suggested here.  What I
did was get the latest release-candidate tarball and list the patches I
specifically needed in the package definition.  Happily this worked!

Happy to say I'm on my way to the conference with a functioning laptop.

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