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Still need help installing ProtonMail Bridge

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Still need help installing ProtonMail Bridge
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2019 19:57:59 -0400
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Hi Guix,

I sent an email out a week ago detailing my attempt to create a package
definition that would install the ProtonMail Bridge client
( and seeking help from anyone who might
be able to help me debug my Scheme code.

As no one has yet responded, I'm guessing that either no one knows how
to help me or that my message was too long and was therefore skipped
over by most readers.

Let me try again succinctly (TL;DR):

What should I add/change in my propagated-inputs clause so that ldd can
link these two libraries to my package?

   Missing libs:

   Current package code:
   (propagated-inputs `(("libz"          ,compression:zlib)
                        ("qtbase"        ,qtbase-5.12)
                        ("qtmultimedia"  ,qt:qtmultimedia)
                        ("qtdeclarative" ,qt:qtdeclarative)
                        ("qtsvg"         ,qt:qtsvg)
                        ("libsecret"     ,gnome:libsecret)
                        ("font-dejavu"   ,fonts:font-dejavu)))


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