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Re: Problem with Guix install with openbox

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: Re: Problem with Guix install with openbox
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 17:26:25 -0400
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Hi Alex,

Alexander Asteroth <address@hidden> writes:

> Dear Timothy,
> Thank you for the hint. Unfortunately “~/.config/openbox/menu.xml”
> does not exists and "find ~/.config -name openbox” does not yield any
> result.

I would guess that Openbox has a default menu somewhere, and if you copy
that to “~/.config/openbox/menu.xml”, you will be able to use it to
change the menu you see.  You can probably find it by running
“guix build openbox” and looking around it the directory that gets
printed as output.  For example, when I run “guix build openbox”, Guix
prints “/gnu/store/9cayp0c39v8xnwwhai0jgp0rd56arai4-openbox-3.6.1” (you
might get something different if we are running different versions of
Guix).  In that folder, there is a file, “./etc/xdg/openbox/menu.xml”,
which is the default menu.  Copy it to “~/.config/openbox/menu.xml”, and
then you will be able to edit the menu.  I’m sorry I can’t be more
helpful, but I haven’t used Openbox for a few years, and I’ve never used
it on Guix.

> Also my ~/.guix-profile/bin is very unpopulated. Also at command line
> prompt I don’t have emacs. Shouldn’d this be installed by the install
> process?

If you run “guix install emacs”, Guix will install Emacs into your user
profile, which gets linked from “~/.guix-profile”.  It’s not installed
by default.

> W.r.t. how I “installed” lxde (just by guix install lxde). Do I need
> to reconfigure every time I install something?

Only for “system” stuff.  If you want to change things like which
daemons are running you need to reconfigure.

The reason I asked is that I wanted to know if LXDE was in your user
profile or in the system profile.  Do you use GDM?  If so, you’ll need
to add LXDE to your system profile for GDM to find it and provide it as
an option when logging in.

To do so, you need to edit your operating system configuration file.
First, you need to use the “lxde” module so that Guile knows where to
find the “lxde” package:

    (use-modules (gnu packages lxde))

Then, you can add “lxde” to your other system packages:

      (packages (cons* lxde

After this, you will need to reconfigure.

I’m not an LXDE user either, but if I wanted to become one, that’s what
I’d do.

Hope that helps!

-- Tim

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