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Re: A 'guix pull' option for 'manifest.scm' to be used in the next updat

From: Josh Holland
Subject: Re: A 'guix pull' option for 'manifest.scm' to be used in the next update
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2019 12:30:36 +0100
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Hi Hubert,

address@hidden writes:
> So maybe (I'm not sure) I can try, considering the path of my manifest.scm:
> $ guix pull && guix package -m ~/.config/guix/manifest.scm -u

Yep, if that's the right path to where you saved your manifest file.

(Note that the -u option, upgrade, takes an optional argument, a regexp
matching which packages to act on.  I prefer to explicitly pass in
`-u.` to match anything since I normally run this command from my shell
history, and I can then just add any other options I want without them
being interpreted as an argument to -u.)

> Otherwise, unless I have to move my file to another place?

You can save the manifest file wherever you want, since you pass the
path into `guix package` with the -m option it'll always be able to find


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