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Re: I couldn't boot Guix installed on nvme m.2

From: David Loyall
Subject: Re: I couldn't boot Guix installed on nvme m.2
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2019 14:00:43 -0500

> I have an Msi b250 gaming pro mother.

> And selected GPT partition during installation.

I have an MSI motherboard, too. I have a lot of trouble getting Guix
System to boot.

One of the problems is SecureBoot.  Debian and Ubuntu have signed
bootloaders, but Guix System does not.  If I recall correctly, simply
disabling signature checking in BIOS was not the solution.  I think
the solution was to select something like "Windows 7 Installer" from
the list of pre-supplied keys in the BIOS.  Please do not take this
information literally because I do not remember the details.

The second problem was the BIOS setting with options like "UEFI" and
"LEGACY+UEFI".  I found that the second option is really just
"non-uefi only".  I also found that the guix installation method for
putting a UEFI bootloader in place does not work unless the computer
was booted via UEFI.

I hope this murky information is helpful somehow, Tomas.


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