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Re: I couldn't boot Guix installed on nvme m.2

From: Tomás Chapunov
Subject: Re: I couldn't boot Guix installed on nvme m.2
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2019 19:01:34 -0300

Thanks for the info. As I had Debian on the SSD disk, I finally managed to
make the Guix run by two ways. First I upgraded the firmware of my bios.
That gave me some more options on the nvme m.2 disk, nothing very clear. In
one way' I installed Guix on a Gpt partition disk, using guided install on
the complete disk. And modified the debian grub with grub-customizer so it
gave me the option to select Guix. The other way I tried was directly
making a mbr partition table on the nvme m.2 disk and installing the grub
without EFI.
The two ways managed to quirky boot.
But I have a new problem!
It says that the clock is unsyncronized, during boot time (I don't know how
important is this because debian doesn't seem to bother). and it gives me a
Modem error, it seems it doesn't recognize the device. But during
installation the modem seemed to work perfectly...
So finally when it opens "new session c1 from user gdm" then gives an
"removed session c1"... "new session c2 from user gdm" and so on in an
interminable open and closed sessions hang.
Can anybody help me with this issue?
I don't understand if some kernel parameter may make me some magic and give
me the normal login access.
Thanks! I attached the image of the login messages.

El lun., 19 ago. 2019 16:00, David Loyall <address@hidden>

> > I have an Msi b250 gaming pro mother.
> > And selected GPT partition during installation.
> I have an MSI motherboard, too. I have a lot of trouble getting Guix
> System to boot.
> One of the problems is SecureBoot.  Debian and Ubuntu have signed
> bootloaders, but Guix System does not.  If I recall correctly, simply
> disabling signature checking in BIOS was not the solution.  I think
> the solution was to select something like "Windows 7 Installer" from
> the list of pre-supplied keys in the BIOS.  Please do not take this
> information literally because I do not remember the details.
> The second problem was the BIOS setting with options like "UEFI" and
> "LEGACY+UEFI".  I found that the second option is really just
> "non-uefi only".  I also found that the guix installation method for
> putting a UEFI bootloader in place does not work unless the computer
> was booted via UEFI.
> I hope this murky information is helpful somehow, Tomas.
> Cheers,
> --sebboh

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