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Re: Dovecot + pigeonhole packaging

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Re: Dovecot + pigeonhole packaging
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2019 08:01:39 +0200

Hello Alexey,

Alexey Abramov <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2019. aug. 28., Sze,

> Hi guix,
> My system requires me to have dovecot and pigeonhole. So I packaged it. I
> created two none public packages and merged them into one big package.

Is this on Guix System?
If yes, then guix system has a dovecot-service:
maybe you could have a look at that, and see if it helps.

> But wouldn't it be better to do it the same way as debian does?Every
> component lives in a separate package, and if I need some library I don't
> have to install the giant package.

In guix packages can be split to multiple outputs. You can also define
separate packages,
but these are less common. Would multiple outputs make sense in this case?

> The problem I encountered is that dovecot has mail_plugin_dir property
> which does not accept multiple folders. It means I have to put and install
> new plugins in the very same directory with existing plugins. rpath is not
> an option here. Even if a library knows where to load its dependencies,
> dovecot doesn't aware of it.
> Is there a way to have shared store folder? Debian overrides  rpath to all
> dovecot extensions and set it to /usr/dovecot/lib.

If dovecot follows symlinks on plugin resoltuion, then the service
could be extended by a plugins keyword, like it was for postgresql
that sets up a symlink is a well known location to the store item of the
providing the plugin.

> Or maybe create a dummy package and use it as a storage for the libraries?
> What is the right approach here?
> I also checked how nixos does it, and I don't like this approach, they
> patch source code and install their libs in /etc
> --
> Alexey
Best regards,

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