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How to build only Guix Manual

From: Rafael Fontenelle
Subject: How to build only Guix Manual
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2019 16:41:22 -0300


I'm translating Guix Manual to Brazilian Portuguese, and I want to
build only the documentation (not the software) in order to test my

What I've got so far found:
1- doc/build.scm : line 9 : added "pt_BR" to the list of languages
2- doc/ : line 21 : added guix.pt_BR.texi to info_TEXINFOS
3- doc/ : line 34 : added guix/contributing.pt_BR.texi to
4- po/doc/ line 58: added "guix-manual.pt_BR.po" to DOC_PO_FILES

Is there a way for me to build only the Guix Manual (not the software)?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle

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