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Re: Scripting guix in guile (Konrad Hinsen)

From: Konrad Hinsen
Subject: Re: Scripting guix in guile (Konrad Hinsen)
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2019 10:48:48 +0200

Hi Gary,

> Just in case you hadn't thought of this yet, you can ensure that
> /usr/bin/env exists on any Guix system by consing the following entry
> onto the list of services under your operating-system definition.

I hadn't thought of this for the simple reason that I didn't know about
this mechanism. It looks very useful, thanks for the pointer!

Is there any reason why this isn't defined by default? That would solve
portability problems for lots of scripts, and I don't see any
disadvantage caused by this link.


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