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Unable to Share Internet on GuixSD

From: Miguel Suarez
Subject: Unable to Share Internet on GuixSD
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 14:42:31 +0000

Hello guix!, I'm currenctly loving GuixSD and using it as my main
distribution, but I've encountered a problem... If i want to share internet
I have to use another distro, which I don't prefer since GuixSD feels
better to me.

I use mainly GuixSD (as I said) on my main laptop, which I configured in
other several distros I used before to share internet via ethernet, to a
desktop PC. Doing this steps in any distro would always work, one of these
distros which I used before and this worked was Debian, and Fedora, for

The steps as simple as:

1 - Open a terminal, write: nm-connection-editor
2 - It opens, normally you would have two devices, ethernet and wifi.
3 - Choose ethernet, go to IPv4 and change method to 'sharing'
4 - It works!

This is the same as using for example, nmcli, but faster of couse. It works
on Xfce, MATE and gnome, since they use nmcli and nm-connection-editor too.

Doing this in other distros, as I sayed before, works perfectly, in guixSD
doesn't seem to be the case, maybe something is missing, a package or

Looking for packages that may be missing, I reached the Archlinux wifi for
network manager, which in one part says:

Scenario: your device has internet connection over wi-fi and you want to
share the internet connection to other devices over ethernet.


   - Install the dnsmasq package to be able to actually share the
   - Your internet connected device and the other devices are connected
   over a suitable ethernet cable (this usually means a cross over cable or a
   switch in between).

Then do the steps that I already described, and it should work, my question
is... Is this necessary?, and in the case it is, should I install it on my
user, or on my next reconfigure?...

My following guix describe is:

GeneraciĆ³n 5    08 sep 2019 22:47:08    (actual)
  guix 1d03a91
    URL del repositorio:
    rama: master
    revisiĆ³n: 1d03a9198db6f3656a34d62eb89e5f7d5a99e76a

Thank you in advantage!

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