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Re: Help with Learning Programming and LISP

From: Viet Le
Subject: Re: Help with Learning Programming and LISP
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2019 21:53:05 +0100

Thanks for your recommendation. May I ask if Scheme has support for TDD or
are there any TDD libraries/frameworks in Scheme? A quick online search
didn’t show desired results. I found only TDD for Clojure.


On Tue, 10 Sep 2019 at 22:24, Zelphir Kaltstahl <address@hidden>

> I would like to add "The Little Schemer" to the list of good books
> suggested here. Damn did I get a lot out of that little book. It starts
> at the very beginning, but accelerates quickly.
> I would say I got more out of SICP than The Little Schemer, but both are
> phenomenal books in my opinion. SICP has many many pages and covers many
> topics. More than are treated in The Little Schemer, but the content in
> The Little Schemer is very enlightening as well, just like many things
> in SICP were for me. In The Little Schemer I read multiple chapters
> multiple times to get a better understanding and often was rewarded by
> understanding it better and even better, when I later typed that code
> into my machine and wrote comments for everything. I am far from
> finished with SICP, but I had a lot of "Aha!" moments with it too. Both
> highly recommended books, but they might take also some time to get
> through, if you have a job and not much time to spend on the books.
> Haven't read Practical Common Lisp.
> Realm of Racket was a little disappointing for me personally, as in my
> version there was some code missing and thus some example did not work
> (the procedure `decay` is missing in my book). I also did not buy in to
> the "Big bang" thingy that much. I would have preferred to write
> something on top of a minimalistic 2D engine instead. In general is it a
> nice idea though, to get content across by writing small games.
> I still have PAIP (Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming)
> here and am not sure how to sort it in. So far it has been good content,
> but I also have not progressed very far into it yet. I am rewriting the
> code in Scheme so far, when I try out the code of it.
> --
Kind regards,

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