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Re: Kdenlive License follow-up.

From: Jesse Gibbons
Subject: Re: Kdenlive License follow-up.
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 20:41:03 -0600

On Wed, 2019-09-18 at 21:40 +0200, Ricardo Wurmus wrote:
> Hi Fanis,
> > I asked on the KDE matrix server regarding the Kdenlive licensing and
> > turns out they use GPL-3 in OpenSUSE. Most files are either GPL-2 or
> > GPL-3 or later + KDE Ev. clause so the package can't be licensed as
> > GPL-2 like Gentoo or GPL-2+ as in Guix.
> Thank you for the information.
> If you could point us to a file that is licensed under GPL version 3 or
> later we should change the license in the package definition to (list
> license:gpl2+ license:gpl3+) with a comment to state that the package is
> effectively under GPL version 3 or later.
> > As far as I know if a package has some GPL-3 files then it becomes
> > GPL-3 as a whole is that correct?
> Not necessarily.  If it combines files under GPLv2 (only) with files
> that are under GPLv3 (only) then the project as a whole has conflicting
> licensing terms.  That’s why the “or later” clause is really important.
> Software containing files under GPLv2+ and GPLv3 (only) would have an
> effective license of GPLv3 (only), while the individual files still
> retain their own terms.
> --
> Ricardo



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