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Guix newbee

From: wisdomlight
Subject: Guix newbee
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2019 08:30:13 +0000


I am interested in trying GuixSD
I attempted it few times with no success.
Is GuixSD for the time being only for people who know what they're doing?
Can GuixSD be installed on Macbook Air?
Is using QEMU easy and straight forward or is it not for beginners??

I tried to install Guix on my Macbook Air with a USB but this did not work as 
the system reports that:

> loadig kernel modules
> waiting for partition '3139370-........' to appear
> (same message again many times)
> usb 4-1 : device ot accepting address 2, error -62
> waiting for partiiton '31393730-3031-.....' to appear...
> (same message again many times)
> ERROR: In procedure scm-erro
> Failed to resolve partition "31393730-3031-3031-3139-343934363833"Entering a 
> new prompt. Type `,bt` for a backtrace or `,q` to continue.
> Gnu Guiles 2.2.4
> schem@(guile-user)> [   23.858805] usb 4-1: device not accepting address3, 
> error -6
> usb 4-1: device not accpting address 4, error -71
> usb 4-1: device not accpting address 5, error -71
> usb usb4-port1: unable to enumerate USB device

Then I tried installing via QEMU
Following the online instructions - after initial failures I managed to get the 
VM looking like its doing something -
I went through the graphical instlaler then downloading and building of package 
form gnu store begun.
After 5 hours i had to abort the install.



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