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Questions from a newcomer about Guix.

From: Бойцов , Вася
Subject: Questions from a newcomer about Guix.
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2019 02:15:49 +0300

Hello, I would like to make Guix more comfy for me (and maybe others)
I have some questions:
1. Can one build system with selected CFLAGS?
2. Is it possible to provide virtuals (package subtitiutions f.e.
2.1. I would love to rebuild my system with libressl system-wide, what
should I do?
3. is there an option to make optional build-time dependencies in a package?
4. How can one create a rule to make some of the selected packaes static?
5. I want to extract ./configure --help from packages, how could I achieve that?


Boytsov Vasya

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