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Re: “Guix Profiles in Practice”

From: Hartmut Goebel
Subject: Re: “Guix Profiles in Practice”
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2019 14:26:50 +0100
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Am 31.10.19 um 12:25 schrieb Pierre Neidhardt:

> David that the manifest be installed  to ~/.guix-develop-profile.  I
> suggest instead that we all manifest have their own folder,
> e.g. according to their path.

Dave did not write about any path, but wrote:

> Running 'guix develop' would check for a profile
> symlink with some canonical name, for example '.guix-develop-profile'.
> If it exists, it applies the environment variables and spawns a
> subshell.  If it doesn't exist, it looks for a 'develop.scm' file
> (canonical name TBD), builds the profile, symlinks it to
> '.guix-develop-profile', and then does the prior steps.  The tool

This only makes sense, of the link and the .scm file are places in you
project's worktree (aka checkout). Otherwise one could have a single
"guix-develop-profile" only.

At least this is what I intend.

This would keep the definition and the links to the profiles in the
project. If I remove the worktree, the link to the profile will vanish,
too, and the garbage collector can collect it. Whereas if the profile is
stored in e.g. "~/.guix-extra-profiles/" this will end up in stale
profiles in this directory.

> I suggest instead that we all manifest have their own folder,
> e.g. according to their path.
> For example
> - foo/bar/manifest.scm -> ~/.guix-extra-profiles/foo/bar
> - foo2/bar/manifest.scm -> ~/.guix-extra-profiles/foo2/bar

What the base for "foo/bar" be in your examples? For me, worktrees may
have paths like


Also I strongly vote against using yet another "top-level" directory
like ~/-guix-extra-path. There is the XDG directory standard and I
suggest to stick with it. Thus IMHO this should be
$XDG_DATA_HOME/guix/profiles or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/… - but I stell prefer
having this within the project's worktree.

Hartmut Goebel

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