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Re: upgrading systems with <= 2 GiB RAM

From: Marco van Hulten
Subject: Re: upgrading systems with <= 2 GiB RAM
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2019 15:14:37 +0100


Je 31 okt 23:49 skribis Marius:
> Marco van Hulten <address@hidden> writes:
> > I have an oldish amd64 system with 2 GiB of memory, but it is fast
> > enough to use as a media center.  Guix was last updated early this
> > year.  Upgrading it now takes many days.  It keeps on swapping (using
> > quite consistently 2 of 4 GiB of swap available).
> >
> > Do you think the swapping is the reason that it takes so long?
> >
> > Would it be a general strong advice to use more than 2 GiB, or is it
> > likely useful to give details like which program is compiling (as in a
> > proper bug report)?  
> Ideally you should not have to compile anything.  Have you authorized
> the signing key?

I did not authorize that signing key.  Now that I have, upgrading the
system and installing packages goes much faster.

Thanks for this!


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