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Re: Tips for diagnosing ghost arrow key presses with USB keyboard?

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: Tips for diagnosing ghost arrow key presses with USB keyboard?
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2019 19:10:27 +0100


David Wilson 写道:
There doesn't seem to be any clear trigger that causes this issue so I'm having trouble making further progress in fixing it. Anyone know of any other tricks I could try to diagnose or alleviate the problem? If you have a good resource for poking around with kernel drivers, I'd be willing to go that route to see if it's a legitimate bug in the kernel.

I don't know which kernel driver (HCI or input) you suspect and can't be of much help with their design, but I have had some success using usbmon[0] to sniff the wire. It's available in Guix.

What kind of keyboard is this?

Linux provides some support for ‘special’ devices under:

 -> Device Drivers
   -> HID support
     -> HID bus support
       -> Special HID drivers

For example:

 Support for some Apple devices which less or more break
 HID specification.
 Say Y here if you want support for keyboards of Apple iBooks,
 PowerBooks, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and Apple Aluminum.

That seems to describe yours if it's not simply broken :-)

Looks like most/all of these specific modules are built by Guix, but maybe not loaded?

Hoping to have been of some service,



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