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Re: ripit/perl: use perl_cddb_get package?

From: Marc Chantreux
Subject: Re: ripit/perl: use perl_cddb_get package?
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2019 10:11:52 +0100
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> So I obviously installed perl-cddb-get with guix, but the error message
> persisted, and I think installing it the way ripit asks is not the
> "guix-way".

are you using the good perl interpreter ? (the one provided by guix i

        perl -E 'map say, grep -d, @INC'

should provide a direcory that contains

> As I never hacked with perl and am pretty new to guix, I am unsure if I did
> something wrong.

i don't use guix as much as i would like but i'm pretty confortable with
perl :) so i can try to help


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