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ibus-anthy can not input Japanese on guixSD 1.0.1

From: 荒井吉則
Subject: ibus-anthy can not input Japanese on guixSD 1.0.1
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019 20:15:10 +0900

Hello guix,

I am here 10 month ago and now I am back. I installed guixSD v1.0.1 on
Onkyo M511A5.

I was using gnome and xfce de for few days but I did not know how to set up
Japanese font on gdm, I also could not change desktop on gdm and I met the
issue I could not login after system reconfigure.

Now I don't use de but use cwm, i3 window manager with slim display manager.
I don't meet the issue with gdm.

I installed ibus-anthy for Japanese but can not input Japanese because
Japanese -anthy input method is missing on ibus-setup.

I found below article in help-guix archives and follow it.

My dot.xinitrc which is linked dot.xsession is as follows,

# keyboardlayout
setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout jp &

# root color
xsetroot -solid "#333333"

# lang
#export LANG=ja_JP.utf8

# ibus-anthy
export GTK_DATA_PREFIX=/run/current-system/profile
export IBUS_COMPONENT_PATH=/home/yoshi/.guix-profile/share/ibus/component
export GTK_IM_MODULE=ibus
export XMODIFIERS=@im=ibus
#export QT_IM_MODULE=ibus

ibus-daemon -drx

exec $1

I can not yet input Japanese with ibus-anthy.

I installed ibus, anthy, ibus-anthy and python....

I found python ...ibus-anthy/engine/ --ibus missing.

yoshi@wara ~$ ps ax | grep ibus
 5513 pts/1    Sl     0:02 /home/yoshi/.guix-profile/bin/ibus-daemon --xim
 5518 pts/1    Sl     0:00
 5520 pts/1    Sl     0:00
 5522 pts/1    Sl     0:00
 5525 ?        Sl     0:00
 5537 pts/1    Sl     0:00
 5794 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto ibus

After kill  ibus and execute it again as follows,
yoshi@wara ~$ ibus-daemon --xim -v &
[1] 5848
yoshi@wara ~$ IBUS-Message: 19:57:33.562: 19:57:33.562082: Engine anthy is
already registered by other component


IBUS-Message: 19:57:33.568: 19:57:33.568314: Engine xkb:mn::mon is already
registered by other component

(ibus-dconf:5853): dconf-WARNING **: 19:57:33.736: unable to open named
profile (ibus): using the null configuration.

(ibus-ui-gtk3:5854): IBUS-WARNING **: 19:57:34.044: panel.vala:255: If you
launch KDE5 on xterm, export XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=KDE before launch KDE5.

(ibus-ui-gtk3:5854): IBUS-WARNING **: 19:57:34.290: ibus_bus_call_sync:
GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Failed: No global engine.
IBUS_ERROR: Failed to execute child process
“/gnu/store/vws22j0mmiwm68w10v5syqprq0ydsgnp-setxkbmap-1.3.2” (許可がありません)

(ibus-ui-gtk3:5854): IBUS-WARNING **: 19:57:34.441: xkblayout.vala:198:
Execute setxkbmap failed: Failed to execute child process
“/gnu/store/vws22j0mmiwm68w10v5syqprq0ydsgnp-setxkbmap-1.3.2” (許可がありません)

yoshi@wara ~$

I hope this information would help to solve this issue. Thank you.

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