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Re: practicality of custom config

From: Michael Zucchi
Subject: Re: practicality of custom config
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2020 09:53:18 +1030
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On 31/12/19 8:20 pm, Pierre Neidhardt wrote:
Hi Michael,

Indeed, in practice it's not easy to tell Guix "build a system without
sound" or things like that.

But I'm just using guix atop slackware64, and sound already works fine.  There was no need to derisively misquote part of my query.

An option would be to implement a feature à-la USE flags (as in Portage
on Gentoo).
This was discussed previously here:

I'm planning to work on it in the coming weeks.  Feedback welcome!
Stay tuned!

Ok cheers, that's the sort of thing I was curious about.  It seems involved.


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