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Re: How to present Guix to a wider audience

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: Re: How to present Guix to a wider audience
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 11:29:25 +0530

> I just wrote a short draft which hopefully should explain in layman
> terms why Guix matters.
> I tried to keep short (< 1000 words) and to stick to non-technical
> vocabulary.
> Let me know what you think!

Reads well to me, but that could be because I already understand the
content of the essay. I don't know how practical it is, but if we can
get people who have never heard of Guix to read it, their opinion would
be of much value.

> Applications are /written/ in the form of /source code/, which is a series of
> instructions for the computer stored as text files.  But the machine cannot 
> read
> theses files directly: it must first be /compiled/ into /machine code/.  The
> resulting /compiled application/ can then be run by the user.

Minor typo: "theses" -> "these"

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