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Re: Icecat displays mahjong characters instead of alphabet

From: Todor Kondić
Subject: Re: Icecat displays mahjong characters instead of alphabet
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 10:55:44 +0000

On Wednesday, 15 January 2020 11:53, Todor Kondić <address@hidden> wrote:

> I know similar questions have been asked here and the problem came and went 
> time and again for me personally, but here I am, a new Guix/PopOs 
> installation and icecat throwing fits.
> The icecat GUI (including the input text boxes), as well as some websites 
> display blocks instead of characters. Some other websites do show fonts 
> correctly.
> Possibly relevant errors:
> ...
> Gtk-Message: 10:48:16.732: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
> Gtk-Message: 10:48:16.734: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module"
> Gtk-Message: 10:48:16.815: Failed to load module "appmenu-gtk-module"
> (/gnu/store/73j8fcmalx3asc5gy0rd2rcij0wqgn9v-icecat-68.4.1-guix0-preview1/lib/icecat/.icecat-real:4621):
>  Pango-WARNING **: 10:48:16.816: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect 
> ugly output. the offending font is 'Nimbus Sans L 9.9990234375'
> ...
> The abovementioned Nimbus Sans does show up in my fc-list:
> fc-list|grep "Nimbus Sans"
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019003l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019044l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019023l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Italic
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019063l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed Italic
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019004l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019043l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Regular Condensed
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019024l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Italic
> /gnu/store/8ppj83wc1mmrdydh9cy7vqvg0bym8l0q-gs-fonts-8.11/share/fonts/type1/ghostscript/n019064l.pfb:
>  Nimbus Sans L:style=Bold Condensed Italic
> I have installed font-dejavu and font-liberation (as well as some other 
> fonts) and I also installed fontconfig from guix. That fc-cache has been run 
> in '-f' and '-r' forms. I have also tried with the system's 
> /usr/bin/fc-cache. Both XDG_DATA_DIRS and XDG_CONFIG_DIRS have been set.
> I am running a multiprofile setup, similar to the one described in the 
> cookbook 
> (
> icecat version: GNU IceCat 68.4.1esr
> guix version: 09bad3cd42ca51974f3697f04ce841bf2fe6786c

... now is see that the mentioned "Nimbus Sans" is part of the ghostscript 
collection of fonts. Is this GUI compatible?

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