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Re: Custom wireguard shepherd service

From: Gábor Boskovits
Subject: Re: Custom wireguard shepherd service
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 08:09:53 +0100

Hello Gregory,

Gregory Katz via <address@hidden> ezt írta (időpont: 2020. márc. 12.,
Csü 4:48):

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to put together a wireguard shepherd service that operates
> similar to the current nftables service, i.e., the service works by running
> a utility program (in this case a shell script called wg-quick) with a
> configuration file.  Unfortunately, wg-quick, which is included in the
> wireguard-tools package, does not work with files interred by guix (the
> file names are too long).  To make it work, I have to patch wg-quick.
> Can anyone point me to where I can read up on how to apply a patch during
> the wireguard-tools build process?

You can run a search against the keyword search-patches in a package module
to see how patches are included in a package definition. If the patch only
does simple regexp substitution, you can also consider using a phase with
substitute*. There are a lot of packages using that. If you need to have a
patch, then you should add it to the gnu/packages/patches directory, and
also to the file patches variable, so that the build picks it up.
You can search the git log for adding or removing a patch, so that you see
how it is done.

> Thanks very much for the help,
> Greg
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Best regards,

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