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Re: whishlist: guix build -d /gnu/store/hash-pkg-version?

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: Re: whishlist: guix build -d /gnu/store/hash-pkg-version?
Date: Fri, 08 May 2020 15:33:17 +0200
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zimoun <address@hidden> writes:

> Dear,
> When debugging, I find really useful the command: "guix build -d package".
> Is it possible to do the same on the resulting '/gnu/store/<path>'?
> For example,
> $ guix build hello
> /gnu/store/kg9mirg6xbvzcp0a98v7326n1nvvwgsj-hello-2.10
> $ guix build -d hello
> /gnu/store/gknm68l0q893bpvyhcd4ccih1bmh0j87-hello-2.10.drv
> Well, I would like to do something like that?
> $ guix build -d /gnu/store/kg9mirg6xbvzcp0a98v7326n1nvvwgsj-hello-2.10
> /gnu/store/gknm68l0q893bpvyhcd4ccih1bmh0j87-hello-2.10.drv
> Does it make sense?

That does make sense and is already supported with 'guix gc --derivers':

$ guix gc --derivers /gnu/store/a462kby1q51ndvxdv3b6p0rsixxrgx1h-hello-2.10


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