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Few questions

From: Emmanuel Medernach
Subject: Few questions
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 09:22:13 +0200

Hello Guixers !

I have few practical questions:

- How to replace /tmp during build with another partition to avoid filling
it ?

- How to compile with fewer parallel processus to avoid compilation errors
due to filled memory/swap ?

- I accidently deleted one directory under /gnu/store, how to rebuild it ?

# guix build ... ROOT
;;; note: source file ..../ROOT.scm
;;;       newer than compiled ..../ROOT.scm.go

# ls /gnu/store/rj2ir3hmaanvwwvyy6d1a1qv0f0xp537-ROOT-6.20.02
ls: cannot access /gnu/store/rj2ir3hmaanvwwvyy6d1a1qv0f0xp537-ROOT-6.20.02:
No such file or directory

Best regards,

Emmanuel Medernach

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