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Re: Update Xonsh

From: Edison Ibáñez
Subject: Re: Update Xonsh
Date: Wed, 20 May 2020 14:34:35 -0500

Thanks for the help, I just saw that they updated xonsh to the latest version

El miércoles 20 de mayo del 2020 a las 0045 horas, Carlo Zancanaro escribió:

Hey Edison,

One easy way to do this is to just put your package definition in
config.scm, above your operating system definition. I haven't
tried it with a shell, but the basic idea would be to have something
like this:

(define-public xonsh
 ... your package definition ...)

 ... other bits ...
 (users (cons (user-account
               ... other bits ...
               (shell (file-append xonsh "/bin/xonsh")))
 ... other bits ...)

Another way to do it would be to submit a patch updating xonsh to be
included in Guix, which would also benefit all other Guix users.


On Wed, May 20 2020, Edison Ibáñez wrote:

   I currently use xonsh as my user's shell, but the default
version in
   GuixSD is 0.6.2 and the latest available is 0.9.18.

   I wrote a file to install the latest version of this package
but I
   cannot set this version as my user's default shell.

   There is a way to update xonsh in the config.scm file to the
   available version.

   Thank you

   – Edison Ibáñez
   One Emacs to rule them all

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