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Re: Questions about guix handling emacs packages

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Questions about guix handling emacs packages
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 10:26:33 +0200


On Mon, 25 May 2020 at 22:13, Fredrik Salomonsson <address@hidden> wrote:

> But this was just me being stupid. It works perfectly, I had just forgot
> to reboot/relogin _after_ I installed emacs.

Re-source the profile seems enough. :-)

> Packages I'm missing are:
> flymake-shellcheck
> cargo
> meson-mode
> glsl-mode
> buffer-move
> And looks like all of them are trivial to package up using "guix import
> elpa". Thanks for pointing that out. I'll give that a shot as it seems
> like a good way to go through the process of contributing packages to
> guix.

Yeah! :-)
Feel free to give a try and report on help-guix or guix-devel or #guix
your progress or you are stuck.

> > Please could you report which packages do not work properly for you?

I am using emacs@26.3, for comparison.
And Guix 2c8305d14 which is one month older.

> - emacs-lua-mode:
> Getting this error:
> Error (use-package): lua-mode/:catch: Unknown rx form ‘symbol’

I am using  emacs-lua-mode@20191204-1.1f596a9 and I do not have such
issue.  But I remember something similar and it was coming from
init.el file; at the time my Emacs packages was loaded with
'use-package' and now they are loaded with 'with-eval-after-load'.
Well, I do not remember exactly, sorry.

> - emacs-org-super-agenda:
> First I missed this was packaged up in guix. But now when I try and
> build it, one of its dependencies `emacs-ts` fails to build. One of the
> tests are failing. I've attached the log

Thank you for the report.  As you can see with the Data Service, it
seems that a regression has been introduced.

The log corresponding is:

and as you have noticed, the test 'ts-update' fails.

Hum? The regression is probably introduced by commit 4ef89d884.

> - emacs-magit:
> This is just a minor thing. But the highlight/diff in the magit buffer
> is more of a tight fit, which looks ugly. Where as if I use magit from
> melpa the highlight/diff is a straight block. I've attached a screenshot
> on how this looks. Left is emacs-magit, right is melpa magit.

I am using it and I not see what you are seeing.  But I am not using
an older Guix than b2d35dd9a.

> - emacs-ledger-mode:
> Does not work with flymake.

I did not try.

All the best,

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