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Re: Guix Docker image inflation

From: Stephen Scheck
Subject: Re: Guix Docker image inflation
Date: Fri, 29 May 2020 12:19:46 -0400

On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 3:33 PM Leo Famulari <> wrote:
> I'm not familiar with Docker so I'm not sure exactly what you are doing.
> Specifically, I can't tell if you are creating new Docker images from
> scratch each day, or if you are continuing to use the same one from day
> to day.

The previous day's Docker image is used as the base for the new one being
built - the image is pulled from Docker Hub, `guix pull` is run inside it,
and a new
image is "committed" (Docker terminology for creating a new image from a
file system snapshot).

BTW, I posted an incorrect internal link - the actual Docker images are
available here if
you'd like to try them out:

> I'm also not sure which image is growing each day...

The daily Docker images described above.

> In general, the parameters --delete-generations and --collect-garbage
> are supposed to be passed values like a reference to a profile or an
> amount of data to delete, respectively. Are you doing that?

`guix gc --delete-generations` without a parameter causes all preceding
pull and package generations to be deleted.

> Are you removing / invalidating old generations before attempting to
> garbage collect them? The store items they refer to cannot be deleted
> until the generations themselves are no longer registered.

Yes,  `guix gc --delete-generations`, `guix gc --collect-garbage`, and
`guix gc --optimize`
are run in the order given. Note that passing a specific amount parameter to
`--collect-garbage` makes no difference.

> Usually, these old profiles are responsible for most of the disk usage
> in /gnu/store.

Indeed. It's clear what's taking up the space, but I don't understand why
it does not get garbage collected:

    root@localhost /# guix pull --list-generations
    Generation 12 May 28 2020 20:45:30 (current)
      guix a5374cd
        repository URL:
        branch: master
        commit: a5374cde918cfeae5c16b43b9f2dd2b24bc3564d

    root@localhost /# guix package --list-generations
    guix package: error: profile
'/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile' does not exist

    root@localhost /# du -h --max-depth=1 /gnu/store | egrep
    44M /gnu/store/slwkzcmg6r1lr9a16x3krd2ax384p8wr-guix-system
    44M /gnu/store/zf67wb6c0s97vwmywjq09hy9jq0w5mmi-guix-system
    107M /gnu/store/plaay02w581vx9ilyiv93sl1lw54n7h5-guix-packages-base
    44M /gnu/store/qhbk7g8z97m37iak1s1yn2my82gv0lj5-guix-system
    103M /gnu/store/2qcfl7h10dynjlifyvqwh9iiic52q5x6-guix-packages-base
    107M /gnu/store/m0fv2xmfif5pxnfb1bscfvgyfx0x6xdc-guix-packages-base
    90M /gnu/store/hz2rn2l0jixg91q4rsdcwc489y71ll29-guix-05e1edf22-modules
    41M /gnu/store/w47fgv8p2hvaqdwywymwvm0qlh4gw0ih-guix-system
    191M /gnu/store/l3amdz5xyhflg5wdzlxr2685dq5glic2-guix-527ab3125-modules
    201M /gnu/store/5mhn1ynxvy7jihsknsnv3yspkkvc0r5s-guix-2e59ae238-modules
    44M /gnu/store/dzc16sv8jv831m0jkk5llc2ws1a3mk0z-guix-system
    44M /gnu/store/9a2hr5lh15vxqa7bjih8w47wr6hr11nv-guix-system
    103M /gnu/store/1lwdys51wi08r5an2rr6sqk9kbgr7qip-guix-packages-base
    44M /gnu/store/c3spiv1c0fg83j7d99mjwk0s6fw77wl5-guix-system
    44M /gnu/store/vwzk618h1wxy6z9i06xnhnxj4gvhkiss-guix-system
    6.7M /gnu/store/a5xsqxr04pwnyni5x2gqjnishzq80cbw-guix-packages-base
    14M /gnu/store/mych9fchln22pbhpc5syxyymx4hz496y-guix-8bd0b533b-modules
    35M /gnu/store/brbwlbnx56ms50kklyqk9fsf0xkwjjf9-guix-498e2e669-modules
    3.2M /gnu/store/dirpwhdr7h4nyphy4ncxqi4f2njv3rsh-guix-packages-base
    35M /gnu/store/d3h4b7nvnms8d03ddi9b481dlxpykl7l-guix-5e3d16994-modules
    5.8M /gnu/store/n339sr8c63f0nzja6yl8zfwy1jklj19j-guix-packages-base
    25M /gnu/store/0vwg9aqzs5xrk10vcs4dl105s3f42ilf-guix-b1affd477-modules
    41M /gnu/store/pwr8ab20xa1whxag689lsz82l2na08x0-guix-system
    6.5M /gnu/store/6sggbpgg0zkbgxwf3wa2j15dis8z7cr1-guix-packages-base
    57M /gnu/store/8z9qc2bvq8azc08p4miq77yf2agk07aq-guix-843e77205-modules
    71M /gnu/store/ibgjq1ampj8bldrabbsnwik2sr0gg3as-guix-a43fe7acd-modules
    37M /gnu/store/x7ns2xcp8lfg24zq7gr3y8ffczn1nsxp-guix-d79c917f2-modules
    18M /gnu/store/i72b4biraw6bhy1v7ly46kwyaacvfa28-guix-system
    178M /gnu/store/47aack48aczpzm635axsy4jf2pvmwrv0-guix-ef1d475b0-modules
    15M /gnu/store/77sxajrwigsdnyr4l4jq4pk6v5kwbm59-guix-system

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