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Re: Guix Docker image inflation

From: Stephen Scheck
Subject: Re: Guix Docker image inflation
Date: Sun, 31 May 2020 15:43:32 -0400

On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 2:51 PM zimoun <> wrote:

> Maybe the explosion of size would be slower.  If you do, please report
> here the number after say 12 generations; I am really interesting. ;-)

Now I'm confused - in your reply to Vincent, it seemed that there were
still problems
with the GC removing dead store items even after you did an
export/re-import with the
entire image on a single Docker layer? Or did I misread it?

> All the question seems to be:
>  - what is the purpose of such Docker image?  Which usage?
>  - what infrastructure do you have at hand to build the Docker images?

Well, Guix is interesting, and there aren't ready-made containers for it
out there like there are for
Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. if you have a need to do some task in that kind of
environment, or just to play
around, or see how the system is evolving. Also, I have been playing around
with Guile lately and
I thought Guix might be a better fit for that kind of work than other
environments where Guile is
largely neglected (Guix is *written* in Guile, after all). And I happened
to be learning GitLab CI/CD
around the same time, and it seemed like a good opportunity to experiment
with both at once,
so I thought, why not? :-) Which infrastructure - well, GitLab CI/CD, with
fixed compute limits :-)

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