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Re: Questions about guix handling emacs packages

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Questions about guix handling emacs packages
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020 10:15:00 +0200

Hi Fredrik,

On Sat, 30 May 2020 at 04:13, Fredrik Salomonsson <> wrote:

> True, although I usually launch my programs from rofi and I haven't
> figured out how to re-source the environment for that.

I do not know what rofi is but re-sourcing is faster to check is the
new change works than any other. :-)

> > Feel free to give a try and report on help-guix or guix-devel or #guix
> > your progress or you are stuck.
> Thanks, I just sent a patch for adding emacs-buffer-move. Figured I
> start with one and see how that goes. Then follow with the rest.
> Really digging the git send-email workflow.

Nice!  Thank you for your contribution.
As you can seen, add Emacs packages is in general fun and rewarding. :-)
Do not hesitate to report your difficulties on mailing lists help-guix
or guix-devel or IRC #guix.

> > I am using  emacs-lua-mode@20191204-1.1f596a9 and I do not have such
> > issue.  But I remember something similar and it was coming from
> > init.el file; at the time my Emacs packages was loaded with
> > 'use-package' and now they are loaded with 'with-eval-after-load'.
> > Well, I do not remember exactly, sorry.
> Yeah, my errors are probably due to I'm using emacs-next (27.0.91) and
> `use-package`. And I still need the ability for emacs to download all my
> packages as I don't have access to guix on my work machine. Although I'm
> toying with the idea of using `guix pack' to deploy emacs on my work
> machine.

Yes, "guix pack" is an an option if your work machine run the Linux
kernel.  Otherwise, it should be a bazooka to kill a tiny fly. :-)

However, the main advantage to use for producing your Emacs setup is
that it is harder to break it and when it did, you can (almost) always
roll-back.  For example, I track (git) the channel that I used: guix
describe -f channels > foo.scm && git commit -a and I use manifests
files tracked too.  Therefore, I can easily use the same setup on
another machine running Guix or restore previous setup without keeping
all the generations in the store.  Anyway. :-)

> > Hum? The regression is probably introduced by commit 4ef89d884.
> Oh, did not know about the data service. Thanks for pointing that out. I
> did a `guix import elpa -a melpa-stable -r ts` and that built fine. So
> maybe just update emacs-ts from 0.1 to 0.2 will fix the issue.
> >> - emacs-magit:
> > I am using it and I not see what you are seeing.  But I am not using
> > an older Guix than b2d35dd9a.
> Probably an issue that I'm using emacs 27 instead of emacs 26.

Is it fixed now for you?

All the best,

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