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Local definitions and Virtual machine image

From: Emmanuel Medernach
Subject: Local definitions and Virtual machine image
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2020 14:17:59 +0200

Hello Guixers !

I  created an  image with  'guix system  vm-image'
which  contains  local  defined  packages.   These
packages  are  present   on  the  Virtual  Machine
however  they are  not listed  with 'guix  package
--list-installed'.    As  I   need  to   customize
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I use "guix  build" to list store
directories  from  package   names  but  it  tries
instead to  recompile them  even though  they  are
already installed.

How to  properly export  local definitions  in the
virtual machine image ?

Best regards,

Emmanuel Medernach

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