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Re: Guix System ext4 index full

From: Vincent Legoll
Subject: Re: Guix System ext4 index full
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2020 21:00:07 +0200
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Hello Roel,

On 04/06/2020 20:55, Roel Janssen wrote:
Thanks for your help.  Don't worry, I figured I had to reinstall it,
which is okay. :)

Unfortunately, after reinstalling Guix using Btrfs as the root
filesystem I cannot seem to boot either.  The last line printed on the
screen is:
[   10.830469 ] Error: Driver 'pcspkr' is already registered,

I think it has something to do with the "compatibility support module"
option in the BIOS, because without it I couldn't boot the LiveUSB.
Did you try reverting this option back to the state it was in before
doing the USB installation ?

This may be a BIOS / UEFI bootability difference between the USB flash
disk and the installed system.

Vincent Legoll

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