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Nginx + php-fpm + mariadb on GuixOS

From: znavko
Subject: Nginx + php-fpm + mariadb on GuixOS
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2020 16:10:02 +0000

Hello! I want to create some php7 web-site with database mariadb for useful 
management of some data I have and also for using API of web-services I use.

I used nginx + mariadb + php-fpm 7.x on different systems and want to start 
localhost web-server under GuixOS for using locally without access from the 
DuckDuckgo send me to this page:

However, I have some questions:

1. Can I start web-services manually only when I need?
2. How to install php-fpm? `guix search php-fpm` gives nothing
3. Can I install nginx, mariadb, php by my usual user and configure 
web-services from usual user? How, and where can I get examples?
I also read blog about Shepherd services
there I've got that it is possible to run services described by usual user, 
that is why my question # 3.


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