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I tried Guix for half a day but had to go back to NixOS

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: I tried Guix for half a day but had to go back to NixOS
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 00:21:57 +0900

As the title says, I tried Guix for half a day 😅

I wanted to let you know that:

* Graphical installer run from a USB stick was broken.  I went insane, asking 
the questions already answered and kept repeating them.   So I could not get 
past the partition phase.

* The Nouveau driver for my Nvidia graphics card detected a slightly off 
resolution for my
4k monitor and at 30hz (not 60).   The installation of proprietary Nvidia 
version seemed too daunting...

* I struggled to find an installable web browser that had WebRTC (for online 
conferences), which was IceCat.   I wonder if that's pretty much the only 
choice for someone who needs precompiled code (because compiling a web browser 
seems to take a long tome)

Guix seems very interesting with Scheme and all but I had to go back to NixOS.  

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