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Re: Printer configuration

From: Kyle Andrews
Subject: Re: Printer configuration
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 23:06:34 -0400
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Kyle Andrews writes:

> Dear Guix,
> Could you help me get my printer working?
> I setup my cups service:
> ...
> (use-modules ...
>            (gnu packages cups)
>              ...)
> (use-service-modules ... cups ...)
> ...
>   (service cups-service-type
>                  (cups-configuration
>                   (extensions
>                    (list hplip-minimal cups-filters splix))
>                   (server-name host-name)
>                   (host-name-lookups #t)
>                   (web-interface? #t)))
> ...
> Then I reconfigured my system and restarted. Now I can access the CUPS
> page on localhost:631. However, I could not figure out that interface
> for the life of me. Instead, I found out I could install the
> `system-config-printer' package which provided a setup utility that
> actually made sense, giving me hope of falling into a "pit of
> success". It detected my printer, great! Unfortunately, it failed to
> print a test page, popping up a warning box with the text:
> Printer 'SCX-4200' requires the '/gnu/store/.../cups/filter/rastertoqpdl'
> program but it is not currently installed.
> I'm not sure what to do now. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on
> how to resolve this.
> Best Regards,
> Kyle

After sending I realized there were two pieces of information I forgot
to include that might be of interest towards diagnosing the difficulty:

1.) The printer is a SCX-4200 and is listed as working on

2.) the slice of the error message I showed was incomplete: the guix
package where rastertoqpdl is being searched for is in cups, yet the
tool is clearly available in the splix package. Why is
system-config-printer looking in the wrong package? How can I make the
service see both?


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