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The MEEP Project

From: Matias Jose Seco Baccanelli
Subject: The MEEP Project
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020 20:45:26 +0200

Dear Guixers,
i think that help-guix it's a wonderful coincidence, to suggest a
sanctuary where help can be found, and a dirigible where ideas can be
shared so to discover where one would like to go :)

I've encountered an article about the MareNostrum Exascale
Experimental Platform which, while i was reading, i've found many spots
which shares with Guix spirit:
- The search for flexibility, on their side, by being a
  reference to design HW via FPGAs, with interactive Development in mind
- Envisaging Openness as fundamental, targeting open Hardware
  (eg. RISC-V) for the sake of Interoperability using OSS.
- Having a solid ground on HPC, as a source for platform

I simply wanted to hint this initiative to see if it can bring ideas or
opinions to Guix, and it's also nice to share about positive projects.
It may be an opportunity for any enthusiastic of both Guix and their
domain to bring a connection, since they're looking for
engineers to jump in :D (details in their Job Openings section).
It's refreshing to see this is part of a continental effort, by the
EuroHPC and European Processor Project.

You can find more informations in the following links:

PS: I'm not part of the MEEP project, but i'm a big fan of Guix :)

Hoping that this topic is pertinent and constructive,
Have a wonderful day,

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