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Problems on startup after install

From: Andrew Busto
Subject: Problems on startup after install
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 16:22:42 -0700

Hi all,

It seems that I am having issues on startup after the install... But I've
been unable to really identify what they are. I get a bunch of lines of
text saying services are starting and listing hardware, and then it just
stops. It doesn't seem to start an interactive shell of any kind. I've
tried using ALT and the f keys to switch terminals, but this did nothing. I
initially got messages saying "pcspkr is already registered: aborting" and
"error in finalization thread: Success", so I added (kernel-arguments
'("module_blacklist=pcspkr")) to config.scm, which was otherwise generated
by the graphical installer. I then reran guix system init. I don't get
either message anymore, or if I do they scroll past too fast to see. My
issue seems otherwise unchanged. Has anyone else had similar issues, or
know how I could do a better job of debugging it?

BTW, I did try (kernel-arguments (cons* "module_blacklist=pcspkr"
%default-kernel-arguments)), but %default-kernel-arguments was unrecognized
and the init would not run.

Thanks for your time,

- Andrew

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