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Re: Guix on Novena

From: Vagrant Cascadian
Subject: Re: Guix on Novena
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 2020 09:41:04 -0700

On 2020-09-01, Andreas Enge wrote:
> I would like to put our armhf Novena board back into service for the Guix
> build farm. In the past, I have been using Guix on Debian on the machine.
> Has anyone had success in installing Guix "The GNU System" on a Novena?
> If yes, could you point me to a write-up on what to do or otherwise help
> me get going?

I have one and had a Guix System install on it, but it's been some
months since I've booted it. There's another bug I need to test with it,
so I'll dig it out of the closet sometime soon so I can poke at the
configuration and check the latest status...

The hardest thing was always specifying all the right initrd modules in
the operating system configuration to use "linux-libre", especially as
the modules needed sometimes change between kernel versions. I've
usually had more luck with "linux-libre-arm-generic" which usually works
fine for headless systems and has more things configured as builtins.

live well,

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