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Re: Problems with McCLIM (Common Lisp)

From: Pierre Neidhardt
Subject: Re: Problems with McCLIM (Common Lisp)
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2020 08:57:26 +0200

Hi Ricardo,

Ricardo Wurmus <> writes:

> But shouldn’t it then be propagated?  I had to guess that I might need
> to install it.  I think it should just be installed when installing
> McClim.

I guess so, but I've never used McClim myself.

> So, is this something we need to patch in all the asd files for McClim?
> Or is this something we should change in the build system?

Something to change in our build system.

> I’d like to play with McClim and all its applications to see if it would
> be worth doing something like this for Guile :)

Maybe.  Have you considered using GObject Introspection to build
full-fledged GTK apps in Guile?  I've heard of 2 Guile libraries for GI:
guile-gi and g-golf.

>> The "deliver-asd" operation has been fixed in recent versions of ASDF,
>> so maybe it would be possible to use it instead of our home-made
>> functions to create asd files for the bundles.
>> Another approach could be not to use ASDF bundles at all, and just use
>> the regular compilation operation of ASDF, except the fasl files would
>> be put it "/gnu/store/..." instead of "$HOME/.cache/common-lisp/...",
>> and our asdf-build-system would indicate to ASDF where to search for the
>> files.

Good ideas.

In my opinion, the fasls (pre-built binaries) should go to their
respective package outputs.

Every Common Lisp package would then have its sources in "out", the SBCL
fasls in "sbcl", the ECL libs in "ecl", etc.

After all, the main benefit of compiling the fasls is to make sure our
package loads properly.

> I don’t know enough about Common Lisp to give a valuable comment here,
> but I’d very much like to be able to install Common Lisp things without
> having to do additional work post installation.  Using more “default”
> ways to install ASDF bundles perhaps would get us closer to a default
> experience.

We already have this if you install the cl- packages instead of the
sbcl- ones.  It should provide a smooth user experience.


Pierre Neidhardt

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