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Re: How do I build a derivation with guix build?

From: Timothy Sample
Subject: Re: How do I build a derivation with guix build?
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2020 22:40:56 -0400
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Hi divoplade,

As I understand it, ‘gexp->derivation’ returns a value in the store
monad.  I’m not sure why ‘guix build’ doesn’t know how to use it
directly, but you can get at the derivation by wrapping it with

    (run-with-store (open-connection)
      (gexp->derivation "the-thing" build-exp))

Don’t forget to use the ‘(guix store)’ module for this.

But!  There’s a better way!!  :)

You can use the “declarative interface”.  Just replace
‘gexp->derivation’ with ‘computed-file’:

    (computed-file "the-thing" build-exp)

Now there’s no need for ‘(guix store)’.


-- Tim

divoplade <> writes:

> Hello,
> I am still learning how to use gexps, and I thought that running this
> would work:
> guix build -f example.scm
> with example.scm containing:
> (use-modules (gnu packages base))
> (use-modules (guix gexp))
> (define build-exp
>   #~(begin
>       (mkdir #$output)
>       (chdir #$output)
>       (symlink (string-append #$coreutils "/bin/ls")
>                "list-files")))
> (gexp->derivation "the-thing" build-exp)
> This is a copy of what's on the manual for explaining G-expressions.
> The guix build -f command should, according to the --help output:
> "build the package or derivation that the code within FILE evaluates
> to"
> However, I get an exception, "Wrong number of arguments to #<procedure
> 7f775f854f00 at guix/gexp.scm:1064:2 (state)>", after a backtrace that
> does not even contains example.scm.
> What is going on? How do you build the derivation?
> Best regards,
> divoplade

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