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Re: qutebrowser has no sound

From: Alexandru-Sergiu Marton
Subject: Re: qutebrowser has no sound
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2020 13:43:09 +0300
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"bdju" <> writes:

> Hello, I've been using qutebrowser for a few days, and for some reason
> I have no sound. I don't see an entry for it in pavucontrol or
> pulsemixer at all. Videos play fine, mostly, but there's no audio. I
> watch most things in mpv, but for some sites it's really preferable to
> watch in the browser, so hopefully I can find a solution.
> I have yet to run into another program with broken audio.


I've been occasionally experiencing the same problem. While I don't
know the permanent fix for this, I found that if I open pavucontrol and
also play a bit of music with mpv and _only after_ this ritual open
qutebrowser, I don't have problems with missing sound anymore.

I suspect that it's got something to do with spawning some kind of
processes for pulseaudio.


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