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Re: Please recommend zero-hassle video card for GUIX

From: Efraim Flashner
Subject: Re: Please recommend zero-hassle video card for GUIX
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 10:27:06 +0000
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On September 17, 2020 9:00:54 PM UTC, Yasuaki Kudo <> wrote:
>Thank you Efraim and Raghav but I forgot to mention that I need decent web 
>browser experience of dual 60hz 4K  (HDMI).
>While the reviews on do confirm Linux friendliness but they say it 
>is way too slow for that, even with hardware acceleration enabled...  😅

Yeah, that does sound unfortunate. I would assume that another GPU from that 
generation (something208) should work also but unfortunately I don't have any 
experience with that.

>> On Sep 18, 2020, at 04:54, Efraim Flashner <> wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 12:53:50PM +0000, Raghav Gururajan wrote:
>>> Hello Yasuaki Kudo!
>>> AFAIK, there is only one that is both free-software and AMD chip-set 
>>> compatible. It's GeForce GT 710.
>>> Regards,
>>> RG.
>> I can confirm the GeForce GT 710 works. I picked one up after I broke
>> the VGA port on my motherboard.
>> -- 
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