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Re: How do I install neovim plugins?

From: Julien Lepiller
Subject: Re: How do I install neovim plugins?
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2020 19:41:19 -0400
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Le 19 septembre 2020 19:18:14 GMT-04:00, a écrit :
>Hi Julien,
>Thank you for the pointer, here is what I did to make it work:
>    set runtimepath+=/home/yasu/.guix-profile/share/vim/vimfiles
>The plugin and neovim were installed as below:
>guix package --install=vim-airline
>guix package --install=nvim

Great! Glad I could help :)

>But this seems rather "imperative" and is not what I expected to do,
>after spending many weeks trying home-manager from NixOS :-)
>excerpt from .config/nixpkgs/home.nix
>   programs.neovim = {
>     enable = true;
>     plugins = [
>       pkgs.vimPlugins.vim-airline
>       pkgs.vimPlugins.vim-nix
>     ];
>In the Nix world, I think people were not seeing much point of:
>     nix-env -i
>which seems to be their equivalent of:
>    guix package --install=
>As an alternative, 'home-manger' seemed popular.
>Would you say the same for Guix as well?

I agree, this is very imperative, but since we don't have an equivalent of the 
home manager (except for my channel which is not very popular because I don't 
recommend it for everyday use), this the kind of thing we usually do.

Actually, the most popular in guix is rather to set some *PATH environment 
variable, sometimes even patching the software to honor them. But we don't have 
any for neovim.

The equivalent of your home.nix example would be:

    (plugins (list neovim-airline neovim-nix))))

(Assuming we actually have these packages)

The guix home manager follows the spirit of functionnal management closer than 
the nix home manager, because itqmakes your entire home a symlink to a store 
path, whereas nix home only overwrites some files that can later be modified 
imperatively (by you or a software). That makes it harder to use and breaks 
many software, but is much more satisfying :)

>On 19.09.2020 23:40, Julien Lepiller wrote:
>> If you install plugins in your profile, you can add:
>> set runpath+=/home/user/.guix-profile/share/nvim/site
>> In your .config/nvem/init.vim
>> I also have a guix-home-manager at
>> but it's more
>> involved.
>> Le 19 septembre 2020 10:04:45 GMT-04:00, Yasuaki Kudo
>> <> a écrit :
>>> I see some vim plugin packages for guix but I have no idea how I
>>> enable them in the neovim (nvim) that I installed in Guix.
>>> In NixOS I just used "home manager" and modified some existing
>>> template I found to add more plugins.

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