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Re: Shepherd User Services

From: Miguel
Subject: Re: Shepherd User Services
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 03:18:29 +0200


El 21 sept. 2020 2:21, Buttery Pancake via <> escribió:
> I was trying to setup user services using GNU Shepherd, as illustrated in 
> this blog post 
> (

So you have followed these steps, am I right?  The daemon start step is 
missing, IIUC.

> But I get an error related to `/run/user/1000`, that it either couldn't 
> connect to or doesn't exist.

This usually indicates that Shepherd is not running.

> What should I do?

Run shepherd command as the user before any herd invocation.  Usually this is 

$ shepherd &

AFAIK there is no configuration in Guix (yet) to start automatically a Shepherd 
session per-user.  I use it too, but I launch it with the X session, maybe this 
is helpfuk for you too.

Best regards,

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