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Re: Ganeti with Guix tutorial from the Guix blog post

From: Marius Bakke
Subject: Re: Ganeti with Guix tutorial from the Guix blog post
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2020 16:23:36 +0200

david larsson <> writes:

> Hi!
> First of all - thanks for a great post about using Ganeti with Guix!

Thanks.  :-)

> I need some help with the networking setup part since I am stuck at the 
> end stages of the blog post tutorial - I am unable to run "gnt-instance 
> console <someVM>". So, I have things setup enough to create these VM's 
> successfully but I can't ping the hosts or connect to them using 
> gnt-instance console <someVM>. Any ideas what the issue might be?

If the serial console is not responding (i.e. pressing RET does not make
a login screen appear), it is likely the instance has failed to boot.  A
typical cause is lack of bootloader.  In that case the instance will use
100% of a core reading the same virtual disk sector over and over...

You can configure a SPICE server with "gnt-instance modify -H
kvm:spice_bind=" and connect remotely with 'spicy' (from
spice-gtk) to the host IP and the allocated instance port (gnt-instance
info foo | grep port).  Then you should be able to see what QEMU is up

Clues may also be found in

> One thing I noticed was that the arp -n output are giving me 
> "(incomplete)" listings in the "HWaddress" column (arp from the 
> net-tools package), which IMU means that ethernet/layer2 frames are not 
> passed around correctly - usually meaning that bridges aren't setup 
> properly, right? This applies to the lan address and the 
> ip address assigned to the VM hosts which I manually set to 
> instead of ip=pool as in the example. My local network is 
> setup to use addresses.

It could be useful to see the relevant system configuration, as well as
output of 'ovs-vsctl show' and 'gnt-instance info the-instance' (and
maybe also 'gnt-network info').

> I think it would be great if blog posts like these had comments enabled, 
> so that people trying to follow a tutorial would be able to discuss and 
> help eachother directly on the blog post page.

That is an interesting suggestion.  The blog is entirely static, but
perhaps we could link in a mailing list or something (no joke!).  :-)

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