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Helvetica in `guix graph`

From: Fulbert
Subject: Helvetica in `guix graph`
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 15:44:05 +0200

  Hi Guixers,

  When I pipe `guix graph hello | xdot -`, the characters are
displayed as squares. Got to insert
`… | sed "s/Helvetica/sans/g" | …` in the pipeline.

  Not sure if this is a bug. Maybe my system should find a
substitute for "Helvetica" automatically ?

  … or maybe line 241 of 'guix/graph.scm' needs a tiny correction ?
(format port "  \"~a\" [label = \"~a\", shape = box, fontname = Helvetica];~%" 
id label))

  Best regards,

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