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Re: define udev-service-type fails with "did you forget to import.." err

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: Re: define udev-service-type fails with "did you forget to import.." error
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 2020 22:06:55 +0200
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Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <> writes:

> That's not what [0] describes, is it?  It illustrates some service
> concepts, using real code as example.

First maybe that is because of text messages and you don't see a face
but your messages sounds a bit passive agressive, but independent from
that I am happy to get a answer, so thanks.

> It doesn't imply that the example code can or should be added to a
> system configuration.

I thought that meaned to be example code to extend such code, but I
english is not my first language and I might read not everything
extremely carefully.

> Nobody: (gnu services base) defines udev-shepherd-service but does not
> export it.  It's not intended to be API, nor do I think it needs to
> be.

Yes and no, I reported 3 weeks ago:

So if there would be a direct way to access the hwdb capability of udev
service I would be happy to not use this hack, but for now I priotise
something running over something done the right way, I am good at elisp
but not so good with guile or with understanding the guix architecture,
I try to get a laptop in a usable shape so that I can maybe start being
more productive use the emacs module and well over time learn. I don't
want to become a guix / scheme expert just to get my keyboard working on
my laptop which is my second installation after my netbook on which I
will not code much for guix.

I am totally open to better solutions but if I have to write 10 messages
in 3 weeks I take what I can get, to get the system working.

> You might be able to use (@@ (gnu services base)
> udev-shepherd-service), which forces the module to give up its
> secrets.  It's not good style, and it won't always work but often
> does.

I will test that and report back, thanks for the info.

> Because it's naive.  See <> and - 
> please! - beat me to a fix ;-)

Maybe I will, just currently more into some elisp/emacs projects.


Stefan Huchler

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