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Guix: The Platform Harmonizer

From: Matias Jose Seco Baccanelli
Subject: Guix: The Platform Harmonizer
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2020 13:23:12 +0200

Hello Guixers!

Since i'm not yet a proper contributor to the project but a deep
admirer of this inestimable initiative,i'm very glad to have prepared a
presentation for the Download Innovation Festival 2020, showing an
overview of the Guix Habitat, by focusing on a DevOps point of view,
where Guix brings harmony into platforms with unprecedented levels of
security and flexibility, giving a cozy place to source code :) !

If someone would like to check it out and add any
suggestion or any detail that i've missed out i would be really happy

It might be an interesting video also for newcomers around here!
I also want to highlight that software and content used were libre or
open source. If you would like the ODP copy of the presentation, i will
add it :) !
This presentation was made in English, but in the feature i
would like to propose also Italian or Spanish material, so as to widen
the Audience :]

Here you can find the link of the presentation:

Have a nice Happy Hacking day!
Thank to everybody for this great project and cool guix family! 

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