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Characters - Guile Hacker Handbook

From: Jérémy Korwin-Zmijowski
Subject: Characters - Guile Hacker Handbook
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 11:40:53 +0200
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Dear Guixters,

Hope you are all fine !

As some of you may know, on my spare time, I am writing about Guile.
With « The Guile Hacker Handbook » I want to help anyone interested in
Guile to discover the language and, in fine, be able to create simple

I adopted a "Test Driven Learning" style as I am big fan of the Test
Driven Development (aka TDD) approach. It means, each chapter is an
invitation to build a small program following the TDD cycle/loop while
discovering something new in Guile or Functional Programming Paradigm.

Today, I published a new chapter about characters :

Hope you will appreciate the reading. French and English (I apologize
for the latter typo haha) versions are available. I am open to anything
you would like to say about it.

P.S: obviously a work in progress ;-)


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